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Sunday, January 5, 2014

New Year, New Opportunities

Sho, what a crowd!  Our little suburb of Muizenberg bulges at the seams on New Year's Day.  We go out to greet them with our good news that Jesus died for their sins. 
There I am in action.  Joy caught me on film.  I'm hesitant to take pictures on an outreach so I didn't even have my camera, but that doesn't stop me from using her pictures.  Don't you love my hat?  I don't, but I like it more than a headache and a sunburn. 
There's Joy, sporting another charming hat. 
From that walkway, we could look down to see Paul with the crowd he gathered around the story of the Gaderene Demoniac.  He's the one with the watch.  : - ) 
We were quite a group, but in the huge crowds, we didn't see much of each other.  We'd have these nice little reunions when we met.  Aunt Joy and Evangel had a good day.
Peter Hammond and his son Calvin were some of the friends who came to join us. He is the leader of the Great Commission Camp where our kids have gone.

I'm thinking of the four kinds of ground Jesus talked about, the rocky soil, the wayside soil, the choked out soil, and the good soil.  Let us hope we had some good soil there, some people with a heart ready to receive God's Word, and go with it.

May all our readers have a Happy New Year too.  2014 promises to be full and exciting.

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