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Sunday, December 8, 2013

The highest part of the dust

Monday our Timothy turned 16.  Sixteen of us climbed Table Mountain to sleep over night in a boy scout hut up there.  We were four adults, 9 teens, and 3 pre-teens, and all were home-schooling families. 
 Protea flowers were along the path.  These are very rare, growing only in this area, at the southern most tip of Africa, but they are abundant on Table Mountain. 
 The sunset after the climb just gave me thrills and chills.  It went on for hours, changing colors and delighting my soul.  Our God is a beauty loving God, and I'm grateful. 
 Nick and Margie Collins are dear friends and were brave leaders on our expedition.  They were the real organizers. 
 Oliver, Jonathan, Julia, and Evangel participated in the water game, where the penalty was drinking a cup of water.  Since the local water was tinted brown, I skipped that one. 
 Simon, Josh, and Daniel guzzled a bunch.  I thought they were going to be running back and forth all night!
 Tim must have had to drink too much. 
 Nick was one of our best joke tellers when we all went around and told favourite jokes. 
 Hot chocolate was one of the perks of the trip, and Christie, Becky, and Julia tried to keep warm. 
 Some people still had energy to climb more little (relatively) things. The Kayaking bunch shouted their kayaking battle cry up there!
 "Consider the lillies."  They somehow get up mountains without sweating, whining, or wilting. 

Johno, Becky, and Julia were among our avid Uno players.

 Luke told a good blond joke as Dion and Megan looked on. 

"Thy righteousness is like the great mountains; thy judgments are a great deep."
Ps. 36:6

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