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Friday, November 15, 2013

Three Nights in a Zoo

Dear Daniel,
We are still on this trip, and for the last two nights, plus tonight, we get to sleep in a zoo!  They have this little house you can rent. It is special because we can hear the peacocks all the time, and see the animals in the evenings and early in the morning when no one else is here. 
 The house has peacocks all over the place.  They are so beautiful, but they act like dogs and beg for food.  I gave them scraps of scrambled eggs, and they bit my fingers.  It doesn't really hurt.  Their beaks feel like plastic.
 These white ants are not official animals in the zoo, but it was neat to see them build their house.  Their house might grow to be as tall as Uncle Paul, and will be all closed up, but this one is still small and open. 
 Uncle Paul growled at the Cheetah, and the Cheetah growled back. 
 Evangel made friends with a pygmy hippo.  She says it has really bad breath. 
 This deer was right outside our window!
 The water buffalo are serious looking guys.  We couldn't touch them, they are kept in a pen. 
 This wild dog looked a lot like Berwick!  Maybe she is related to him. 
 The zebra was racing away from us.  He's not afraid if people are driving, but if they're walking, he runs! 
 The black rhino is the scariest.  He charged the fence when we were looking at him.  They have chopped off his horn so no one kills him for it. 
 I made special friends with this donkey.  I gave her my sandwich, and she followed me around for the rest of the day. 
Uncle Paul has to preach at least three more times, and we need to drive about 23 hours, and sleep four more times, and then we should be home.  We're excited to see you again!  Please say hi to Connie and give Nathanael a kiss for us!

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  1. loved this post...esp. as it is in the form of a letter to Daniel.
    Great animal pics and narratives...just reading about all you do makes me tired.