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Monday, November 11, 2013

 We have come to a time in our lives that will stand apart from the rest of it because we are staying with the McIntyres.  Nothing makes you appreciate hospitality like a good stretch of no place to stay.  We did find places to stay, of course, but they were pricey and pricey times 30 was not looking good.  So we did something we rarely do and called the McIntyres to see if we could stay with them again. 
 Ben welcomed us, though not without a little reproach that we have not learned much Afrikaans since we were here before. 
 Marietjie celebrated a birthday while we were here, bringing her up to my ripe ol' age.  That cake was memorably delicious.
Little cuddlers
 We were so privileged to be here right when they got two new puppies.  They are Boerbulls, or, I think, Mastiffs in English. 
 How fun to get in on their roly-poly puppy days. 
 Abundance in a basket she'll soon be able to chew to shreds...

How much is that puppy in the window? 

and Obedience making like a cat.  
 Uncle Ben planned something way special for the boys, and then invited the rest of to come along too.  They went fishing on the Vaal River. 
 Have you ever seen so many varieties of bait?  Uncle Ben knows his stuff!  The guys caught about 5 catfish, and 1 big carp using 11 rods!
 On Friday night, Paul was pleased to be able to dedicate Ben and Marietjie's grandchildren, little Paul Benjamin, (now that's a small Paul!)
 and big Johanathan...
 and sweet little Tineka.  These three are dedicated to the Lord.  May they always choose His ways and receive the great blessings promised to those who follow Him. 
The family business, GT Tamping, is a rare business, I think.  They make explosive equipment for the mines.  Ben invented some new equipment that works better and it sells. 
We so, so appreciate their having us in their home for about 16 days!  That's a long time to have a family of 5 staying with you, but they have been so kind, for the sake of the Kingdom of God. 
Seems like the least we can do is to give them some free advertising, so if you need explosive equipment for your  mine, go to GT Tamping.   

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  1. oh fun! makes me wanna visit!

    And, Timothy looks like Josiah in that picture! So fun!

    much love.