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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving

There were 17 of us gathered for Thanksgiving Dinner this year, 10 Youngs and our guests the Apps.  Pippa Apps, the mom, had been asking questions about how we celebrate, so I suggested she just join us and see us in action. 

We cooked up a storm including the necessities of Thanksgiving, the turkey, pumpkin pies, and pecan pies, but somehow I forgot one of the basics, plain ol' mashed potatoes.  Truly it was a "duh" moment.  That made me wonder if I had forgotten anything else in all the hubbub, but it was not until my niece Ariel sent me this picture that I realized what else we forgot. 

We didn't do an afternoon nap!  My parents reminded me of that essential. 
I LOVE, Love, LOVE! this picture.  It just looks so homey to me, so relaxed, so trusting, and so peaceful. 
"Great peace have they that love thy law..."
Ps. 119:165


  1. Wow, I love that pic, too...and the VERSE - so true, so awesome.