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Friday, August 16, 2013

Life under an avo tree--watch your head!

Under the spreading avocado tree,
The village smithy stands....
Wait a minute, something's wrong with that poem.  We are the ones under the avocado trees right now.  We have left dear old Cape Town for a few weeks, and drove north for two days to Mokopane, in the Limpopo province where we are based for now. 
 The yard in the mission house where we're staying is big and beautiful, with lots of room for chasing each other, throwing things at each other, and....
 stopping to smell the flowers.  As we drove north, the road passed through the immense Karoo, the semi-desert section of South Africa.  It always looks like New Mexico to me. 

 Evangel snapped some pictures of The Three Sisters rock formations or mountains that we pass along the way.  They're really not going to fall off the world to the right.

 Before we left Cape Town, we had one brief day with some family friends out on the farm.  The girls all went flower picking.

 The boys played golf, of all things, and the sun came out just before we had to come home.
 Evangel loves giving cooking lessons to Jessie and Holly, our little neighbours and Daniel's good buddies.
 They came along to the farm with us too.  I'm so thankful we don't stay in the city all the time.  I love Cape Town, but sure do want our kids to see the country side of life too. 
 During all the busy-ness here, the fun, the work, and life in general in Africa, my thoughts keep going back to the family at home, with Dad still not feeling well. He'll be 88 on the 25th, and has suffered a  lot since the 3rd of July.

"Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on Thee, because he trusteth in thee."

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  1. Lovely pictures! So sorry your daddy's still suffering.