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Sunday, July 21, 2013

The 50th Anniversary Party

 On a normal day, our camp is a peaceful place in Maine, but we had to get ready for a great party to honour our parents' 50th wedding anniversary.
 Notice the temperature:  near 80, and below that is the humidity, nearly 100.  It felt like it.  The clothes hanging in our solar drier were having a hard time getting dry. 
 I had dreams of whipping the basement into shape so that we could have a program down there.  It was going to be good!  And the DVD part would show up so well in the darkness of the basement.  I worked on that for about 3 days, but then the basement got flooded three (3!!!!) times in one week, and I began to see it was not feasible. 

With or without the basement idea, the 29th of June arrived, and the guests began to arrive. 
 Linwood and Judy Garrish were some of the friends from our church. 
 Ariel showed up from Israel on "Facetime" on my sister Wendy's phone. 
 Wendy and I had agreed bright green would be a fun color for the party.  The brown cake was sugar-free except for mini M & M decorations, and the white one was full blown sugar. 
 The Perrault clan was welcome!  It was my first time to meet little Ava, the cutie little almost 2 year old.  Actually, her last name isn't Perrault, but her Mom was a Perrault, and I can't remember her Mom's new surname. 
 John and Claire Fleming are some family favorites.
Waldo and June Emmons came too, also from our church. 
 Josh and Tim pitched in to help before during, and after the party.  They're posing here with the almost-sugar-free cake Evangel made for Grampa and other diabetics. 
 Uncle Winnie and Aunt Dhonna were some of the few at the wedding 50 years ago.  We're so glad they came in spite of health challenges. 
 And here's the happy couple, in an unsuspecting moment, opening their Victoria's Secret bags from the Belairs.  Those Belairs are real teases. 
 I was so glad the sun came out and people could enjoy the beauty of Square Pond as they visited and relaxed. 
 Grampa and Evangel sharing a sweet moment. 
 Marc Belair chatting with Dad. 
 The view from the punch bowl. 
Bonnie Widden and Sandy Ford sharing a moment. 
The program went well.  One of the highlights was Joshua's Lego Video of Grampa and Grammy's first kiss.  We kept it all short and sweet, as the heat was intense in there, and the it was crowded.  Evangel and I made three little collections of photos over the years, I wrote a poem, and Paul preached a salvation message. 
Here is a link to a musical video collection. 
and the 2nd one. 
and the third. 
I don't know how to put Josh's Lego video on here, but maybe Evangel will be able to.  It's only about a minute long, and funny.  The above are also only a couple of minutes long.   
And last of all, my little poem.
Fifty loops shalt thou make in the edge of the curtain...
That the loops may take hold one of another." Ex. 26:5


"And he made 50 taches of gold, and coupled the curtains one to another with the taches: so it became on tabernacle."


Fifty blue loops linked curtains together

     So those curtains could become a wall.

Fifty gold loops linked the walls together

     To make a tabernacle for all.


Fifty times Wendell and Hilda

    Have ridden the world 'round the sun.

Imagine the miles they've logged together

    June 29, 1963 they begun.


Fifty Christmases they've put up a tree

     And celebrated their Savior's birth.

Fifty Easters saw them in church

    Remembering how their Lord exited the earth.


Fifty winters they have shoveled the snow

    And praised for its beautiful cover.

Cozy inside the home that they had

    A man and his beautiful lover.


Fifty summers they've come to Square Pond

    To mingle with family and friends.

The light of the lake brings joy to their bond

     Where laughter and memory blends.


Fifty years must have seemed far away

    On June 29th, of '63.

But the years have whizzed by

     To this golden jubilee.


Fifty anniversaries accomplished today,

    This is a marriage that will last!

One tabernacle, one blessed home,

    Stability, on a Rock that stands fast.



  1. Congratulations to your lovely parents! That was a wonderful poem you wrote and such a tribute to their life together. Hope your dad is well recovered from his fall!

  2. I echo the above comment. You did a great job on the party, Vicki. You're such a blessing and a fun person.