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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Pippin's Problems

 We had to "babysit" my sister's Chihuahua a lot while we were in the states.  This is Pippin, the seed of a dog.  Normally he sort of curls up in a ball on the couch and shivers, or gets carried around being babied, so I thought it was time he found out how real dogs live. 
 And he even does things real dogs don't do!  Our German shepherd Berwick would LOVE to be able to do this, so she could spring out and surprise her arch enemy, the postman. 
 Pippin is not sure Chihuahua's are made for the backs of trucks.  It's his macho moment.
"Oh, please, just let me get back on solid ground! and let me get a new babysitter."

Disclaimer:  No animals were harmed in them making of this blog post, but one of them was a little disgusted.  

1 comment:

  1. LOVE that last pic!! You are so funny, and Pippin has so many lovely humans to have his adventures with!