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Thursday, May 30, 2013

This boy's aging fast

Joshua turned 12 on the 21st.  Look how old he looks!  We think he looks like our friend Mr. Ford. 
Evangel made him that little goodie for his birthday.  She crocheted it.  
 Not only are the kids growing in stature, but also in wisdom.  Paul reads to them nearly every day.  Sketches from Church History is one of his current reads.
 And Operation World is an old favourite.  Paul plays games with the kids and often their friends, over each country, and they learn so much. 
 I was pleased to find Jungle Doctor books in a used book shop yesterday!  We love Jungle Doctor.  He lets us know how far Africa has come in the last 50 years as far as the comforts we enjoy.
Harold St. John was a missionary evangelist.  One time a lady gushed to him, "I'd give the world to know the Bible like you do."
He replied, "Madam, that's exactly what it requires."
It takes a long time to read as much as we do; it costs; but we like what we're reaping. 


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  2. A late happy birthday, Josh! The books look great, I have been reading Sketches from Church History for my studies and thoroughly enjoy it! Enjoy the rest of your trip!
    ~The FruGirls

  3. Looks like it will keep Josh's face warm in cold weather. :-) Happy (late) Birthday, Josh!

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