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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Old New/Artsy News

Back in December I meant to post pictures on here for my Mom to see how we redecorated our "maid's quarters" into a guest room.  Since I waited so long, it is now quite a saga, stretching back into November when we visited Lizelle, our wonderful scheduler person.
Lizelle is very artistic, and painting is her chief relaxer.  She was working on this epic painting, under her skylight which accounts for the stripes. 

Her husband Pieter is a tease deluxe, so he sneaked in and painted a little caterpillar on the picture.  He's not particularly artsy, but he is particularly funny. 

Art is inspiring!  Lizelle is one of the people who has encouraged Evangel's art.  She was working on this rendition of my parents' camp around that time, and it became a beautiful Christmas present for me.
I was particularly inspired by Lizelle's curtains.  Our guest room is white on all 4 walls and the ceiling, so I wanted to put burnt orange curtains to get a glow in the tiny room.
When we got some time at home while Paul couldn't be preaching in any schools, we attacked that guest room.  We peeled off old paint, and painted everything white again.  We hung the glowing curtains.  James and Gloria loaned us a bed that had been given to them.  I think the bed is what really gives the room character. 

 Evangel and I hit upon the pink pillow at a thrift store in Fish Hoek.  We hung a mosquito net, and put in a carpet sample. 
And Evangel decoupaged the knobs and light covers so it all came together!  Tiny still, but cheery, and ready for our first occupant, Paul's sister Joy who came for almost a month.  Now we're looking forward to cousin Calvin's visit in September, hoping he likes orange.  I think I'll switch the white and pink flowery duvet for a quilt for him.  I think he's stuck with the pink sheets though. 


  1. What a funny/cool bed! Good job on the room, girls!

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  3. Yes! Great job!! Last time I saw it 'twas chock full of James and Gloria's things...before the babies! BTB

  4. The bed even talks to you, every time you turn over. Who needs a husband, when your bed carries on a one-sided conversation with you? Squeak, squeak....