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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Essential Efficient Equipment

We get occasional letters asking for details about Paul's
 chalk art equipment, so it dawned on me that it might be helpful to have a link that we can send people so they can have an illustrated answer.  Seems like something I should have thought of years ago, but here we are.  I'll talk you through it all.

Paul uses light weight collapsible easels.  Some sermons use one, some use two.  We have a bunch of broken ones of these in the garage, saved for spare parts.  As they average nearly two sermons a day, ours only last a year or so, so if you're going to outer Mongolia, you might want to take a supply.

 Our nephew James cut out this piece of wood, and painted it black.  Those little notches just fit in between the 3 legs of the easel so it's stable.   A stable table!  Poetry. 
 Paul is a blur of action as he gets his paper ready.  He is using a dignified black drop-cloth here to protect the church carpet. 
 The black wood holds his chalk, baby wipes (or evangelist wipes, as we call them), and hair spray.  Next we can get close up.
 He puts the baby wipes in a pencil box for easier access.  Then he saves some of them, dries them, and uses them to blend the chalk.  That bright green can is Fiesta Hair Spray--the cheapest we could find. This is used as a fixative on the chalk after he's finished drawing.   The chalk is also in a plastic pencil box.  We order the chalk from  The boxes have rubber bands around them to keep them closed. 
 This little speaker has been just right for amplifying Paul's voice.  Josh plugs it in...
 and Timothy adjusts the volume. 
Of course, the most precious "equipment'' is our assistants who squished in the car to get to church and back. 
 Paul has a custom made bag, made out of jumping castle material.  It's bright and tough.
 That charming necklace Paul is wearing is his wireless mike, that goes with his MIPRO amplifier.
It's supposed to be on his ears and face, but hasn't made it up there yet. 
 The UV Light/Black Light is the piece of equipment with the most bang for your buck.  We used to just have a normal little light fixture, but Paul got a yen for 4 black light bulbs instead of two, so now we have this hefty piece of equipment that lights up black-light chalk, and makes people feel awe.
 Paul uses this newsprint with clips for sketching quick stories. 
 When I say clips, I mean these clips. 
 His paper is mounted with those clips on light-weight boards. 
And he draws the background before he starts. 

After the pickup has begun, there's the sermon picture on the floor. 


  1. Nice, informative post...and now, perhaps post some pics of Paul in action, and some of the art??

    1. Good idea! I also need to add the paper and clips.