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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Can you read it?

As Timothy says, we have had a plague of birthdays recently.  It's been fun!  I've completed my 47th trip around the sun, niece Gloria celebrated her birthday on Wednesday, and my friend Margie was yesterday, Friday.  The boys' friend Daniel is Sunday, and my sister across the sea, had hers on Wednesday too.  So the snails got together to salute us all.  :-)  
Zoom in on these to really get to know the little critters.  Kind of yucky. 


  1. Don't snails crawl away --- Actually I see some trying to make an exit !! Celebrations to all !

  2. cool snails. Was that the boys' idea?

    1. I caught 'em, and brought them upstairs to gross the kids out with the snail pizza (see earlier post). Then Evangel got inspired and did the entire alphabet in snails. She's got drive.

  3. So glad you said to zoom in - amazing! (and funny to see them crawling all over the place). LOVE it!