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Friday, March 29, 2013

Six Weeks Later...

 Back in the middle of February, I said I was going to take pictures of some of the different churches we visit, and promptly lost the camera.  It has recently re-surfaced from where it was hiding in a pile of napkins so here's another church at last. 
 Plumsted Baptist Church people purchased this spacious estate with the thatched roof house, and have been using it as a church until they could build the bigger building to the right.
I like the older parts the best, but the new parts are necessary for this growing church.  Our three
kids go here on Friday nights for Youth, so with Paul gone for so long (this 6 weeks apart is the longest time we've ever been separated since we were married) this is where we settled in to attend
on Sundays.

In South Africa we get a holiday and church services on Good Friday, so we went to Plumsted Baptist this morning, a cool fall morning, to have Communion with the people there. 

The pictures look like there weren't many people there, but really there was a good group. I just picked a windy moment when few were outside. 

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  1. Thanks for another glimpse into your life serving the Lord. Praying that your six weeks is just long enough to get the work of the kingdom done and just short enough that there will be a grand reunion !! Observing Calvary today, celebratin Resurrection Sunday !!