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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Glimpses of our weekend

 We are avid readers of World Magazine, a Christian news magazine.  Every issue they have a photo of church from around the world, so I started taking a picture of some of the places Paul preaches.  A group called Livingstone meet in this building in Grassy Park, though it isn't a full time church building. 
 Our friend Oliver has spent 9 months working on building his own kayak.  It was a huge project!  His grandfather helped.  On Saturday our family went running down the road to the vlei near our house for the long-awaited launch.
 What a beauty!  The wood just shines.  Daniel fits in one of the little compartments, and Connie would probably fit it the other. 
 Tim got out there in a fiberglass kayak to show support for the glamorous wooden one. 
 Daniel waited patiently for his ride. 
 Back home, the youngest Youngs, Connie, Nathanael, and Daniel are a photogenic bunch.
Evangel and Timothy got a chance to do a puppet show and little program on Monday to a preschool in the suburb of Crawford.  Before they began, I snapped this picture of the slightly embarrassed teens. 
 And I double-checked with Jenny, to make sure none of her kids were afraid of puppets.  She assured me they weren't, but when the show started, FOUR little girls began to howl!  Jenny was so surprised!  Apparently they are only afraid of OUR puppets.  (Notice hastily vacated seats in this picture, and the little one in the white shirt is about to join the howlers.)
 For the rest of our visit, that little one kept asking me, "Where's the monkey?" and I had to keep assuring her, "Monkey's all gone."  I felt like a terrorist!
 After all that trauma, Evangel told a sweet story about a little red hen.  She used a soothing voice and tranquility was restored.
 Then Timothy did a magic trick with a beer bottle. 
Josh came along too. His speciality is crowd control. 

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