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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Baby Blue

Hi, I'm Nathanael.  Nathanael Nehemiah Young to be exact.  I just got  born.  It was a little rough, but
I think
 it was worth it. I live in Cape Town, South Africa with my family.  
 This is my big brother Daniel.  You can tell because he has the button that says, "I'm the big brother."  People say we look alike, but Daniel said, "Me, I'm white."  He thought I was a lot pinker  than he is.  Wonder why.
 Then there's my cousin Josh.  He likes me.  I can tell cuz he's wearing a fan shirt.  You can see them all over the place.  It means I Love Nathanael Young.  I guess someone had these made up for me.  Bumper stickers too.  It's a nice welcome to the world.
 My big sister Connie wasn't terribly excited to meet me for minute there, but she loves me now that she knows I come with lots of accessories.
 My Uncle Paul was turning my face away so I wouldn't want to ride his "horsie" like Connie.
 Another reason Connie likes me is because I get lots of visitors.  Connie loves visitors.  Uncle Paul is Connie's favorite Uncle.  He's the only uncle she's met yet.
 My cousin Evangel  was away taking a course when I was born, but she made a special trip home to meet me on Sunday afternoon.  She adores me.  You can tell by her face.  I think she's pretty nice.
Then there's my Dad.  He adores me too.  He likes me enough to dress up in stripes so I'm not the only one wearing stripes, but his stripes don't do that snap between the legs thing like mine do.  
Hey, where's my Mom?  this is just my aunt, Minky.  She's  got a few problems, like losing her camera the week I was born, and then losing a whole button on her computer so she couldn't blog about me.  The latest is she didn't get a good picture of my Mom!  Can you believe?  but she says you can see pictures of Mom and me at Aunt Joy's blog


  1. So cute! Thanks for posting these pictures, Auntie. I can't wait to squeeze my little nephew... some day. :) Love you guys!

  2. Thank you so much, Vicki, for chronicle-ing (sp) Nate's birth. I love the pictures and captions.
    His very appreciative Grandma D'Arcy