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Sunday, December 2, 2012

The Changing of the Guard

 OK, Mom was seriously lax with the camera, and only got a few pictures of the party yesterday, but it'll give a glimpse of the sword fighting in the park...

And the
tender moment in jail in Capture the Flag at the beach.
 I had an excuse on that one. I thought my camera would get all full of salt and sand as a southeaster has been raging through here for days, reminding me that we live at "the Cape of Storms" as this Cape was originally called, and then also called The Cape of Good Hope.  I imagine sailors just hope they get to the Cape before they go under from the wind!
 It's always nice to see what Grammy and Grampa send from across the sea.
 I'm looking forward to teasing Tim about being loony when he wears his new Maine loon t-shirt.
And then came the changing of the guard.  Timothy has been our breakfast cook for 5 years, after Evangel did her 5 years, now he got to present Josh with this new blue frying pan as Josh begins his breakfast cooking years.  Maybe no one will notice when his 5 years are up, and we can go for 10!!! 

He's quite excited about the chance to cook, so don't think otherwise just because Evangel has a bull whip in her hand.  That was just another birthday gift for Tim.

Now I'm making him a card with "Finally, my son-ling, be strong, put on the whole armour of God..." because he likes armour and strategy and all that battle stuff, AND because I found some little miniature armour to stick in the card.  He'll love it.

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  1. Happy birthday to Tim! Even though you only had a few pics his party still looks fun!:-)
    ~The FruGirls