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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Snail Pizza

I have dozens of cute pictures of babies, and children, and dashing teens, so why do you need to see this gross picture of my snail pizza? 

All I can think of is because it is so gross!  All these slimey, oozy snails, collected along the west wall of our back yard/garden in about 10's like a new horror movie where snails take over the world, sliming everyone to death.  (If they would slim me instead of slime me, I'd like them better.) 
 Obviously there's enough of a kid left in my aging body to still like to gross people out. 
After I collected them, I ran upstairs to show the kids, and Evangel proceeded to make an alphabet out of snails, so you may be seeing more of these babies.  She's thinking of making stationery with
spelled out in snails at the top! 
Cheap missionary humor, at it's finest. 
"Then was their mouth filled with laughter..." taken slightly out of context from Psalm 126.


  1. I saw a can of snails in the French section of a store and bought them, on a whim. They smell a little funky but actually tasted pretty good! :)

  2. You crack me up! (as usual) Love Evangel's snail mail idea, and that got me thinking about the "Snail Trail" at school - what a hoot! I don't think I've ever eaten a snail, but I did order mussels yesterday for lunch, just to be adventurous, and the plate must've held about 40 of those bad boys, and Bethany took a picture of me with my slightly horrified look and said she's thinking of this caption: "Try new things, they said; it'll be FUN, they said" --I think it's safe to say I'm mollusked out. Oooh, maybe there's a blog post in there somewhere, haha...

  3. Eww! I don't think ours are edible, but if we meet any French chefs, we can ask.