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Sunday, December 23, 2012

A white Christmas Sunday

 See all that white to the left of the church?  It's fine white sand.   Today Paul preached in a  church in Vrygrond (Free ground) which is pretty close to our house. 
The last time we visited this church, there was quite a large parking area beside the church, but the pastor told us the story of what happened.  He came to the building one day, and in the night, some drunks had stolen the fence and sold it for scrap metal so they could buy more drink.  The southeasterly wind that blows fiercely around here sent enough sand so that parking lot looked 2 feet deep in some spots, and anyone who parked there would probably need a 4 wheel drive to get out again.

But they were rejoicing.  A Canadian church is donating money for them to get a wall around the building, and the local  city council said they would send equipment to dig out the sand. 

So Paul preached, and the church had Communion and the rest of their program, and handed out food packets as this is in quite a poor neighborhood.  Josh and I split a plastic shot glass of grape juice for the Communion.  I think kids don't generally partake there.  Earlier in life, I'd have asked Josh to forgo for the day, but now I feel strongly that the saved, whether children or adults, begin to participate in Communion when they are saved.  They're not on probation until they are 18;  they are just young believers. 

I notice Paul is getting bolder as he gets older.  He's starting to hit modesty a lot harder then he used to.  It's appalling the amount of skin we see in church some times, some of it shaking and jiggling in the leaders of "worship" in the front of the church.  It's time to remind/teach ladies of what they do to men.  We're finding men are sometimes scorned for their "weakness" toward lust in immodestly dressed women, but that is how the Lord God made them.  I guess there's sin enough on both sexes, but...I was talking about Christmas.  May we all be decent even in the heat of summer!

Merry Christmas! 

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