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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Very first link!

click there  --> trueblueblueberries

See that beautiful link up there?  Click on it, and you'll get treated to my Sister's friend's  (and mine, to a lesser degree) blog.  Evangel just figured out how to do that!  Be impressed, be bery impressed.

Now that link is worth going to.  Melanie posted pictures of dress-up occasions during her life.  My sister is in 2 of them, but my favorite is where Melanie and her husband Mike are dressed up like pillars, and their little daughter as Samson.  Hilarious! 

So this blog has just arrived at a new level of technology hitherto unimagined.  Thank the Lord for smarty kids. 

1 comment:

  1. Ha! How did I miss this?? Even when I started reading the post, I didn't realize it was my blog until my actual name was mentioned! {thanks}

    Oh, how I loved having a dress-up-partner-in-crime! I'd dress up wacky today if I could find someone to do it with me, haha.

    So glad to see more posts - I live vicariously through you since I'm pretty much strictly an armchair traveler!