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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Mishawaka, IN

                                        Look what we found on the Mishawaka River Walk!
           We were just walking around about a mile from where we were staying, and just                                                   happened on a "Splash Pad."
 We thought it was closed for the season, then I just ran my hand across that black knob, and all the water spouts came to life! 
 Josh was the first to plunge in, but all 3 kids were drenched by the end. 

You'd have to zoom to know that's us, doing one of those run-in shots.
Josh weaving through Canada goose droppings.

A glimpse into the mission house tells us that these people really care about taking good care of missionaries.  Even a glimpse into their fridge would tell you.  This house has 3 bedrooms, all the necessities of life, and mulitiple perks.

This is a fish ladder--never seen one before but it's cool!  It allows the fish up the river by-passing the dam. 

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  1. After I read your posts, I like to click on the top pic and then scroll through the enlarged versions of the I saw you guys a little closer up:). It's a nice way to see all the neat details of a pic {I see Evangel is quite the 'boarder...wait, that's not a skateboard, it's a...rats, I can't remember the word...gotta do some rereading!}