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Tuesday, August 14, 2012


 I don't know if I've ever taken pictures inside my church before...yes, I did, when Joshua got dedicated, but that was way before blogging started, so here, for your viewing pleasure, is my pretty church in Maine.
The decor is cool, but I just see dear people, some of whom have known me since me since before I was born.  Well, maybe not me before I was born, but my Mom and her suspicious bump. 
My mom is the one on the right, beside my Dad seated with the red shirt.  My sister is the gorgeous blond in the middle with her husband Rick in front of her, and her daughter Kara way in the front by Evangel.  Evangel arranged the camera for this picture, on the picnic table, and managed to catch us all.  The Hartmans were also with us, visiting from New York City, and a little freaked out by all the *Mainiacs, I think.  Josh says my sister told him to do his eyes funny like that.  Ariel, his cousin is right beside him, and the rest of us are Youngs.    *Maniacs is the affectionate term for people from the state of Maine, where we are at the moment. 
After church on Sunday, we came back to the camp for a baptism.  Mom had a brainstorm and bought this swimming pool and filled it with ice for the drinks and salads.  Cool idea!

I took pictures of the baptism on someone else's camera, and then didn't get them off yet.  I hope I do get them.  There were about 75 people here to see 6 people get baptized.  And then 2 more people decided to get born again that same day!  My Darling Paul was the preacher.  It was an ultra special day. 

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