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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Precious Moments

 We're making precious memories in America.  Josh discovers "the land of opportunity" as many have before him.  In the state of Maine, some plastic bottles and Coke cans can be redeemed for 5 cents each, so Josh has been raking in the big bucks by collecting cans. 
 How precious to meet a new little cousin, Austin, for the very first time.  What a cutie, and he made friends so fast.
 Josh showing off the fruit of the land, so to speak. 
 Paul and I got to visit my high school, Dublin Christian Academy in picturesque Dublin, NH.  It was filled with old memories for me, but we made some sweet new memories too. 
 My Dad turned 87 on Saturday!  Now he's precious.  I'm not sure how many 87 years old there are in the world, but I know they're not a dime a dozen. 
 Time is precious too.  Paul had time to help Josh go fishing off the end of the dock in the peaceful evening. 
 I                                                                I love my guys!
T                                                    They've caught two so far!

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