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Thursday, June 7, 2012

We're not supposed to be here--or maybe we are

We  planned to drive east to Port Elizabeth FIVE DAYS AGO.   Paul went, but the rest of us remain at home.  I know that's normal for a lot of ministry families, but it's not normal for us!  When Dad goes,we all go.  Unless of course the car is STILL in the shop, after more then two weeks. 

So we're making the best of it.  We all 4 have been busy.  All 3 kids have been having math troubles in their homeschooling, and Tim is still battling that out, but the other two are free!

So Josh set up "cones" in the driveway and practiced on his new swayboard to see if he can get through 10 cones, without knocking any over and he can!

And I am finally writing again.  I've been so wishing I could put some of the good books I/we read on here, to share the joy.  My friend Margie loaned me her friend Jenny's book There's a Sheep in My Bathtub by Brian Hogan.   I laughed so hard over his stories of church planting in Mongolia, and then I cried.  He told of their loss there, and through it all I learned, and I ended up more at peace with what we are doing in South Africa.

I've always believed it's important what we're doing.  We're trying to help all the problems of the world from the inside out.  We're introducing people to Jesus, King of Kings and their Saviour.  That's huge! 

It's the solution to the Aids problem if people will follow God and be pure.
It's the solution to stealing, which would be a huge economic help. 
It's the solution to the orphans' loneliness, as they enter the family of Christ

just to name a few things that pop into mind for the social issues, never mind giving them a hopeful, wonderful eternal life in Heaven with pleasure forevermore.

But I also can't help but notice our lacks.  We can't stay with our new converts.  We kind of have to "love 'em and leave 'em." This book gave me a new peace about that!!!  They boldly live what I believe.  I won't re-write the book here, it must be available all over the Internet, and it's worth reading.  Good stuff, and hard to stop once you start. 

Tummies are growling, time to run. 

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