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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Emerging beauty

Look what Evangel did!
You have to scroll down to the bottom to get to the best ones.
 And there's a little story here.
 Evangel wanted art lessons, and her wise Dad said, "No."  I was rather surprised, but he said she doesn't do art on her own, so she doesn't need lessons.  I had to think about that, but it makes sense.  Why get someone to teach you, when you don't even know what you don't know, you know? 
 So we, as parents and daughter were all pondering this thing, and I ran across this book Cute Country Animals by Jane Maday at the Reader's Warehouse. 
 Evangel followed her directions, read her tips, and adapted a few things. 
 I liked watching progress, but it's been slow since she only worked on it when we were home, and we had  that Zambian trip and everything. 
 I liked it then, but I loved it when she added the pink tree.  The Black Eyed Susans are her finishing touch. 



  1. Wow! A truly amazing painting Evangel, congratulations!
    The pink tree and strategic highlights are beautifully brought across :)
    Much love,

  2. Hi,
    Tell Evangel she did a great job!! I am very impressed. Thank you so much for buying my book and visiting my blog. You have really made my day.
    jane maday

  3. Love it, Evangel! You can come draw our resident rabbits before I murder them for chomping down my chamomile. Okay, just kidding, but they'd better not be guilty of recidivism.

  4. ooh, I like it! Especially the bark of the tree on the left.