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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Chronicles of Zambia #7 The Grand Finale

The Grand Finale

We made it across the South African border last night, and finally were settled in the IMD mission guest house by 1:00 AM. That last day was smooth traveling except for an extremely blown tire, and a dead battery in our own beloved Kia when we got back to Mokopane. We stopped for breakfast along the road to use up sausages so they wouldn't get confiscated at the border, and 9 elephants showed up along the road! Special! Thank you, Lord, for your GREAT, amazing, funny-looking, creation that continually teaches us about You, and keeps us so interested.

The next to last day was our only day to aim for a tourist destination: the great Victoria Falls! We pushed hard in the one surviving vehicle to arrive before gates closed, and had about an hour to explore Victoria Falls. We got soaked, just by looking, but the water was surprisingly warm. We saw "the smoke that thunders" as it was introduced to the great missionary explorer, David Livingstone, and we got a picture of his statue near the falls.

Now we have a day in Mokopane to clean up, organize, begin catching up with people before doing the last 2 days of driving to Cape Town. We've heard James and Gloria were able to go into the new house there, and we're eager to see that.


  1. btw, is Timmy almost as tall as Paul now?

  2. Loved the pictures and the blog...
    After number six, what did you get the clutch replaced and discover that you were headed to Zimbabwe and reconnect with Koos?
    Welcome home! (?)