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Friday, April 13, 2012

Jeni's Zambia Pictures

Where is the road?  It's gotta be in here somewhere.  Oh, this IS the road.

Every time we walked anywhere, we gathered a little following. OK, a big following.  Just call us a bunch of Pied Pipers. 

Some of our walking buddies.

Our audience was fascinated when we cooked.  Evangel took this picture from on top of a vehicle.  Jeni and I are just starting a meal, which everyone needs to know about. 

This is a cool picture.   This guy looks like he's really concentrating.  Paul gave him the tract as we ferried into Zambia across the Zambezi.  Paul loved that border crossing for passing out tracts.

Our ladies Bible class in Puta. 
 Look at Paul's mischievous face.  Koos is just coming out of the bushes, and Paul had ROARED his most lion-like roar at a strategic moment.  :-)  We had a lot of laughs on this trip.
 Can you tell how destroyed that tire is?  There's nothing left between the rim and the part that touches the road.
Now that's a mushroom!  Looks like a pie or bread, doesn't it, but it's one single mushroom on a plate.
                                                        A crowd of cuties. 
Quite a crowd gathered to watch the Jesus film and to hear Paul preach. 

 These two pictures are for my ladies Bible study buddies in Cape Town who thought I was an idiot for swimming in a lake with crocodiles, but you can see by looking that it doesn't look like a good place for crocodiles.  Besides, we were assured they are non-violent.  Also, it was our best opportunity for cleanliness.
I borrowed Paul's board one day, and tried to get some visual aids in the ladies' class, but I haven't acquired much talent in the 20 years we've been married. 


  1. I got Evangel's photo work in an email, and I saw Josh's mushroom and wondered what it was...Now I know. These pictures and descriptions are the best, Vicki. Thanks so much.