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Friday, March 2, 2012


Yesterday was the big day!  Moving day!  The bills were paid, the stuff was packed, and the people were HYPED!!!  We had friends coming to help, and all was in a pleasant hubbub, and then...

we found out the tenants renting from the previous owner have not moved out.  Nor have they packed. 

What to do now?  In cases of such bitter disappointment, Gloria and I did the reasonable thing, and cooked pizzas with special toppings for lunch.  The guys went back to their project of building Adirondack chairs, and Evangel is working hard on a painting project.  We would let the lawyer handle it, and the real estate agent, and we would go on happily.

But inside I was stewing!  These people have known for a year when their lease was up (end of Feb), and for 2 months that new owners had bought and were planning to occupy the first of March.  How selfish of them!  How inconsiderate! 

I had seen this coming.  When Gloria went over to see the house in January, the tenants begged her for more time.  They still had over 5 weeks, which is quite an amount of time to pack and move.  So I have worried about it for weeks. The real estate lady says they have property. 

Duh!  "worried"!  Sometimes I wonder about myself!  What good does worrying do?  I don't think I'd ever prayed about it, and I know I hadn't voiced a prayer aloud.  I should know better by now.  My goal is to turn all worries into prayers, and leave the situation in my loving heavenly Father's hands. 

So we are appealing to the Higher Powers, to the One who can move mountains, and drive entire peoples out of the Holy Land for His chosen people.  We have prayed about this house, and been thankful for it.  May He help us to be able to occupy our own house. 

I have a sneaking suspicion He might want to teach me more patience too.  I haven't quite "arrived" in that department.

I also have to forgive my tresspassors as I want the Lord to forgive my trespasses.  So this is not just about space, comfort, and disappointment.  It's spiritual too.  Isn't everything? 


  1. Sorry - but your last paragraph just put me into a giggle fit ! And you are right - it ALL is spiritual - because we are made in His image and he made us spiritual beings with eternity in our hearts. I'll be praying. And it really is a HUGE disappointment.... so don't beat yourself up too much!

  2. That is really disappointing! But waita handle it. It's true, worries are almost redeemed when you turn them into prayers.

  3. Heart breaking. We'll pray for you all, and the tenants.

  4. Lessons, lessons everywhere - God is amazing that way...never doing just one thing! Joining you in prayer about this frustrating situation, and I look forward to updates:)