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Monday, February 6, 2012

Making Do

I had a brain full of fascinating blog subjects this mornning, but now, 4 hours and many deleted pictures later, we're just going to be happy with what we've got here.
I was going to tell how our family devotion time is so relaxed.  Here are the 3 youngest, playing while listening.  We do all kinds of things while we're listening.  I iron, do cross stitch, and swipe at cobwebs.  Evangel crochets sometimes, Tim bounces on an exercise ball, and Josh and the little cousins wrestle quietly. Paul checks in on us occasionally, to make sure we're really listening.  If we're not up to speed, we stop our activity and refocus, but most of the time, as above, we're very relaxed.
Then I was going to tell of our lovely night out with Aunt Joy at the interesting (bizarre?)
Cape to Cuba restaurant.  Again, one picture has managed to make it's way through, but isn't it a cutie?
Joy wins in our discussion over rather this sepia picture is pronounced with a short e or a long e, but I still like the short e better.

I did a little better with our Alphen Trail walk.  I got 2 out of the 3 pictures I had wanted, just missed the main subject. 
The Alphen Train is a beautiful green trail where dogs can go free.  It's in Constantia, near where our kids go to youth group, so we have taken Berwick there several times now, and she loves it!  We love it too.  It's like a little break in the country, and I love letting Berwick run wild and free for a change.  She meets other dogs, and has managed to behave herself with them.  She gets to run in a little brook too, and shake all over us, which delights us unmeasurably, as you can imagine.

So I should have a beautiful picture of our regal beastie, pushing her way through the underbrush, but the computer wins this round, and I'll just be thankful SOMETHING got up here, and hope for better success next time. 

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  1. Don't worry about the pics; I didn't have any trouble imagining/understanding what you described! Love the 'relaxed devotions' descriptions; it's like He's in the room and you're all fellowshipping and hanging out together...oh, that's right, you are!