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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Rated PG for violence :-)

Just a few crammed into our small house to celebrate with us. That's Sarah with the long pretty hair, wearing a skirt and blue top. She the photographer for most of what follows.

Evangel loved the sword fighting, but got "killed" a few times.

Jason, the youth group leader, was not too dignified to get involved.

If you stopped playing for a few minutes, the wind was cold, as Megan demonstrates here.

Looks like Daniel is about to get Ellie! But I can't be sure. Maybe they were on the same team.

Another youth group leader, Ryan, really getting into it. James and Jason must be dead at this point, while Paul supervised the whole thing.

Benjamin was dead for sure. He's not a half hearted type of person. If he got killed, he would do it with gusto.

Megan, Daniel, Ellie, Julia, and Benjamin in a mostly action shot.

I don't like to see my Josh "dead" in this one (he's the red spot on the ground) but it is nice to see Timothy defending his body.

Jesse might be on his way out. The flag gives a little clue about the wind situation. We actually were planning Capture the Flag on the beach, but the sand hits painfully when the wind is this strong, so we shifted to this less painful (?) game.

The dividing of teams looks like a patriotic moment. The kids said cars stopped as they marched to the park with the American flag.

The big guy is mine! and the little one too.

Henry, Evangel, and Andrew in a rare peaceful moment.

Half of Josh, Jesse, James the standard bearer, Ellie, Ben, and Henry Ker.

I am so thankful for our friends here. As I looked over that group, I just love the idea of all that potential! And they're such dear people to come together with us, and risk getting their knuckles smashed, in the celebration of Tim's 14th birthday. Friends are special! And I thank God for them.


  1. Looks like you all had fun!
    Lots of love
    Tane ♥

  2. how fun! happy birthday, tim!!!!

  3. Yeah, belated happy birthday Timmy. What fun was had by all! I kept looking for a close-up of the birthday guy and couldn't find one...Auntie V, could you sneak some shots of him for the next post? Thanks!!

  4. A late happy birthday to Timmy! It looks like you guys had a lot of fun! Wish we were there to join in the sword fighting and flag capturing :-)
    the FruGirls