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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Free in Vryheid

Since I last blogged, we've been home to Cape Town for about 12 days, then headed back up the N-1 to Jacaranda territory again. I snapped this purple petal trail on the way to church this morning.

We stopped overnight in a tiny town called Geriep Dam, where the main feature is (can you guess?) the dam. A sunset stroll had us captivated with the changing colors on the hills and lake.

I picked just these two out of the oodles we took, but the funny thing is the darker one was taken first, then the light changed and we got this more purpley one before the sun completely quit. It was one of those magical, memorable walks. I guess they can happen at the end of any long, tiring day, but after 9 hours or so of driving, every muscle rejoices in a chance for a good stretch.

"Psalm 90" here is just an example of why we do those long drive. We're preaching the word in season and out of season. Well, Paul does the preaching, and the rest of us do whatever we can.

One special little story, Paul preached at one local school in Vryheid, and a teacher brought a little boy up afterward in tears. His brother was home with a bad back and had missed Paul's preaching. Happily, Paul was able to slip the boy a DVD with chalk talks on it, to show his brother. The boy hid it as Paul instructed, so that he (Paul) wouldn't be stampeded by other kids wanting DVD's, and went away with eyes now made happy.

Vryheid means "freedom" and we're having lots of freedom to preach here. We plan to stay in one house (!) with one family (!) for most of the month of November. We'll even be having Thanksgiving here. I'm thankful!

Vryheid is in the province of Kwa Zulu Natal, and is about 18 hours of driving from home in Cape Town.

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