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Friday, October 14, 2011

More Mokopane Memories

A glimpse of a jacaranda tree against a blue sky gives a little thrill. Mokopane is a dry dusty town, but spring has these gorgeous trees all over the place! They line some of the streets which makes me admire those who came before who planted them thinking of the years ahead when all of us unborn people would get to walk in their shade and admire their purpleness.

A major highlight of coming to this part of the country is when we get to be with the Frews. The Lord has blessed them recently with a move to a house in the country, complete with horses for their teen girls to ride! It costs less for them to rent this house, and the owners are very kind as they are ones who share the horses with them.

Paul and I took a walk with David and Tessa. We passed many termite or white ant hills, and I finally had to get a picture of this one, just for my blog. It's about 6'10'' because it's about the same height as Paul.

Wanna know the most shocking moment of our trip? I put both hands on an electric fence at their farm. Ouch.

We did have one good spring storm while we were here. It hailed! Josh got a bunch of the marble-sized hailballs and put them in the freezer to use for ice cubes later.

This last glimpse of a jacaranda tree, right with Piet Potgieter's grave, is impressive. Potgeiter, an Afrikaaner, founded this town, and it's name was only recently changed to Mokopane.

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