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Sunday, September 18, 2011

That creative urge

I think it is ironic, that I, who am undoubtedly the least artistic of our family, am the one with the passion for wall murals. Paul draws with chalk every day, so he can't be expected to start painting the walls for fun, but I would think that our children would catch the joy of painting on walls.

When I was little, I used to lie in bed and imagine painting different things on the window shades in my bedroom. Large blocks of white just call to me like that. Paul's been patient with this. Only once in 19 years of marriage has he whited out any of my creations, and in that case, I was just grateful. It was time to admit defeat and get rid of it.

I am always disappointed in my wall murals. As I mentioned, I'm not talented. In this latest attempt, I was inspired by an anniversary card, which I blew up on a video projector and focused on the wall when it was nice and dark (the neighbors thought we were really up to something!) So all I had to do was choose the lines I wanted on the wall, and trace them, then go back and paint in between the lines. Simple, right? Well, there is a lot that can go wrong.

Before the suspense overwhelms anyone, here's the card that inspired me:


and here is our wall. The kids did help, because they're obedient, and they did enjoy making the neighbors wonder, that night. My niece Ariel helped, because she's nice, and I think she might have a tiny passion for wall murals planted there. She did the hardest part, that tablecloth. I was about to admit defeat and color it all one color, but she was faithful to the little checks.


So I'm disappointed. It never comes out like I'd like it too, but I love it too, because I can see what I hoped it would be. And I suppose it's my creation. I have good memories of the making.

I wonder if this is how God looks at me. I know He loves me, because the Bible tells me so, "For God so loved the world..." But I know I've got to be a disappointment at times. I'm so thankful His son died for my sin. He paid for my escape from hell, for my entrance into Heaven, and for my robe of righteousness by His great sacrifice.

I'm thankful to my Creator!

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