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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Count it all joy!

Paul's coming home tomorrow! That's a joy for sure. While he's been gone for these 2 weeks, we've had some home trials.

  • a leaking roof

  • broken washing machine,

  • car repairs

  • got yelled at by the neighbor because our dog scared them

  • struggles with kids school

and other little things. When I called one of the repairmen, he said, "Count it all joy" and launched off into this sermon. I wonder if he isn't a pastor on the side. He was right. We are to count it all joy when we fall into different trials and temptations.

Another little trial was that my brand new camera that my parents sent over with my niece Ariel, just quit working. It was only a week old! I haven't even figured out how to put pictures on this computer, hence the pictureless post. Gloria helped me out on that one. She told me the camera has a rechargable battery. Oh. What a relief!

Yet another trial wasn't so bad at ALL! We have new neighbors and wanted to make some food to welcome them. So I baked a batch of cinnamon rolls with the delicious Cinnabon recipe my friend Margie gave me, but the wretched things failed to we ate them. Then Evangel was babysitting little Jessie and Holly who live around the corner, and she made mini donuts with them, so she saved out a plateful for the new neighbors, but that was the night it stormed so hard the roof leaked around the chimney, and we couldn't run to the neighbors with donuts in that kind of we ate them too!

I think we'd get fired from the Welcome Wagon if we were members. Maybe tomorrow I can get that done, more cinnamon rolls AND get them delivered before they slide down hungry Young throats.

In the meantime, I need to read the directions on the new camera so I can post all the fun events of late, but no pictures of food as it gets eaten too fast.


  1. Haha, cute. Sorry about all your little trials. :( :)

  2. I liked this post although I didn't like your trials. I know I'd like your cinnamon buns!!
    Hey, my new camera quit once, too. I think 'twas Hannah that rescued me. She turned it on and discovered that I hadn't set the time and won't work apparently til that's taken care of. Thought I'd let you in on that secret.