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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Peaceful fall day. We're just revelling in all these crunchy fallen leaves, bright colors, and cool nights. At least Paul and I are. (We don't get an autumn like this in our part of Cape Town.) Timmy commented about not liking the leaves.

"Why not?" I demanded.
"You can't sneak up on people in leaves."
Oh. Well, that makes sense, I guess.

We spent one night in stables, and this paper mache rooster ruled the roost. I analyzed him, and would like to make one like him, but it's not going to happen. There's a missing link between my art ideas and my artability.

Josh turned 10 here! Isn't he long and lean? Like a bright red hot dog! My parents sent him that outfit, and he didn't want to take it off for days. The shirt says, "Do you want my autograph now, or after you lose?" and that just tickles his 10 year old funny bone.

Our family is memorizing 1 Timothy 2 right now and I'm liking it, partly because I memorized it before so it is sticking easier then most verses. I like this part "prayers be made....that we may lead a "quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and honesty."

We are leading a quiet and peaceable life here in Oudtshoorn! Get this: I haven't gone any where in the car for one whole week! How's that for quiet and peaceable? Paul takes the car every day to the schools. Even if a school is close, his equipment is heavy enough that he wants to drive as close to the spot as he can.

I walk to the grocery store and to whatever necessary stuff we need to buy, and also to explore a little. Oudtshoorn has a lot of touristy things. We have been to the caves, and to an ostrich ranch on other visits, so we haven't done anything big in our free time this time. Saturday we did walk to a chocolate shop called Chocoletier Rococo, and then to a place with goats' milk cheese and fudge, and that little outing was a big hit with the Youngsters. We checked out the pet store, and have been to the Post Office a couple of time`s.

Each evening we have a fire so we all stay in the same room to stay warm, and we read aloud, or do school work. One memorable evening we had two kids struggling over difficult math ideas, so our cozy scene wasn't so fun as when we can read.

For several nights we read the biography of James Chalmers, missionary to cannibals. He was inspiring, even if he did get eaten in the end. He was ready!

Another way we keep warm is to sit in our car (like right now) when the sun is out as the car gets nice and warm.


  1. It had not occurred to me that you were experiencing autumn weather.... upside down from us.... first day in the 80s today ... good day for family gathering for son Seth's 29th birthday ... party given by his wife... sweet time.

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