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Saturday, May 7, 2011


My 3 kiddos have been busy making sure Mother's Day is special.
I am blessed to have these kiddos! Evangel and Timothy are both taller then me, and I think Josh will pass me next year. That is just a comment, not why I'm blessed. We have really enjoyed staying at this mission. This mission is a little community of believers actively seeking to obey the Lord in everything and love their neighbors as themselves. They have welcomed us generously and we've enjoyed great hospitality.

Many of the people live in cute little "Wendy Houses" like this one.

The gardens are productive. Timothy grabbed this picture of "paw paw" or papaya. They're near the trampoline where we liked to go. They're almost ripe, but the monkeys might get them first.

There's our whole gang trying to get a decent picture to send my Mom for Mother's Day.

Look at all those bananas!

Paul is posing with Aunty Betty from Malaysia. She wanted a picture with "Goliath and the teeny, tiny Asian."

One of my favorite things about Jivannadi is their radio station, and the fact that they have wanted me on it! It's nice to be asked to speak and to be useful, and it's also a good way to get to know the workers here in the interviews. So tune in to 93.6 GNCR Good News Christian Radio to hear Paul, Evangel, and me as all got to help on programs.

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  1. I'm glad you enjoy visiting with us, aunt Vicki!
    We hope you & your family will come again soon...