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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Election Day

After a tremendous struggle, we have a victory over technology! My pictures wouldn't upload, for whatever virtual reason, but after days of delays and retries, there we are! We were only at Kwasizabantu for 2 nights this time, and it was nice. Ever since, I've found myself trying to explain to people what is so special at Kwasizabantu, besides the price of the stuff in their bakery. (Really, I could do a whole blog entry on those goodies!)

I would sum it up in 2 words: changed lives. Kwasizabantu in a mission station out in the boonies between Greytown and Stanger. I hear you can see it on Google Earth. People come there to visit or to stay and work. They are a successful community with a great mix of people from many nations. It's a God thing, for sure.

The 10,000 seat auditorium burned down in 2008, and has been rebuilt, better then ever. It looks small in my picture, but we are looking at it from across the airstrip. It's ready for great gatherings. May the Lord continue to bless this place of Zulu revival.

As we travelled, we landed one night in a place called Gunubie, and there was this tree that is 350 years old. Evangel immediately wanted to do a remake of Swiss Family Robinson with a house in this tree. :-)

Cows crossing the road is no big deal. A much better photo would have been the faces of the herders. They were delighted that I was taking pictures of their cows, smiling, instead of frowning about the delay. Cows are the pride and joy of Zulus.

We stayed over one night at the Willows in Port Elizabeth, and I was trying to catch the beauty there in the above and below pictures.

Today is South Africa's election day, and I'm so, so thankful. Frankly, I don't keep up with politics here very much, but my beloved Paul needed a rest, and election day is a holiday, so it's a good thing. He slept about 12 hours, got up, ate breakfast, led us in family devos, and went back to bed for another snooze.

The kids did a half day of school work and I revelled in the chance to do laundry, pull splinters, and blog a bit. It was a relaxed day.

The only problem is I'm reading the book Radical by David Platt, and I was in the mood for action! I'm extra inspired to glorify our great God, and we didn't see many people today, but I can at least tell a few things on this blog, and hopefully the pictures of some of the alluring places we have stayed will upload. (As you saw, they finally did, though I started this on Wednesday, and only got it to happen on Saturday.)


  1. You are another one of my friends who is reading Radical... and they seem to be more radical than ever ! I think I will get a copy. Thanks for the beautiful posts and the inspiration to see your work among the Zulus recently. Such special treasures they are ! That was quite an auditorium :0 Amazing.

  2. I'm glad you posted again! I especially enjoy the family pictures!