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Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Look where we're staying! It's a log cabin with 3 bedrooms, shiney wood floors, and nice wide porch. We're blessed! I have another blog called that may become a book about some of the ways God has fulfilled his promise to give a hundredfold to those who have left houses and lands for the sake of the Lord.

The grounds at Jivannadi Mission are rich with gorgeous flowers. I love the velvety centers of this hibiscus.

The view from the porch can be summed up in one word: green!

Yesterday we had a special invitation to an elegant Indian home overlooking the Indian Ocean.

What a meal! Breyani, macaroni and cheese, roti's, kabobs, stir-fry, and more were made with low doses of curry for us wimpy Americans. Our host Eugene Nadsen had suffered a heart attack just a few days earlier, so he was eating very carefully. Pastor Greg Denashen is there above. He's the director of Jivannadi Mission. We watched TV reports on Osama bin Ladan's demise before we had dessert.

Such a lovely thing to get together with other believers, to laugh, to relax, to share, to learn, and to get a glimpse of how blessed we are to be part of the Lord's family.


  1. Oh Vicki ! You just exude the joy of the Lord in your posts and I take great joy in reading them ! What glories await us and yet what blessings we are experiencing here on the journey. Beautiful pictures and beautiful expressions of praise and gratitude. Blessings on the rest of your trip... Love in Christ, Sharon

  2. yeah...that comment is a hard one to follow...but I'm really glad to read about your stay at that mission, too...
    cool log cabin. :)