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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Good Friday!

I love this picture of us Youngs with Anton and Edna Roos, the most gracious hosts who have arranged our 8 day stay and schedule in Port Shepstone. Anton had Paul speak to over 5000 in schools just in the first 4 days, and for that, we bless him. Edna is fun and kind. She invited us to do laundry in her house, and Evangel and I had such a fun visit with her.

But aren't we a funny little group, caught on camera when most of us weren't ready. It makes me smile.

This cutie little monkey was camera fodder on one of our rare stops on the long ride to Hibberdene.

I have had a birthday since I last wrote! I had to do the family tradition of modeling so that I could properly thank my Mom for the gifts, and this was the best of the pictures that came out of that. I am half way to 90, which is a thought provoking mark to have passed.

Evangel made me one of her little creations on a dessert fork...see it? It's a little brownie with whipped cream and a cherry on top. She and Paul found me this fictional biography of Jane Austen for a birthday present. I've never been a Jane Austen freak, not like the mother of Franklin Graham's wife who named their daughter Jane Austen, and calls her Jane Austen, but I was interested, and am growing more so as I read. Evangel bought the video Sense and Sensibility, and I am moved to see it again as I have read something of what went into its writing. Her life is encouraging me. I also would like to write more, but she went through years of no book writing when her life was unsettled.

And my boys blessed me with an unusual gift, guppies and an angel fish. OK, so they can ony be seen if you zoom way in, and the angel fish has already gone to his reward, but I like that my boys know what their mom likes!


  1. Thanks for posting, Vicki. You sure are a lovely, young looking 45.

  2. Christopher did not say that...D'Arcy did. Somehow I was in his account!! :(

  3. Aunt Vicki! I must agree... you look lovely!