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Friday, March 11, 2011

Off to the mosque

This morning Paul went, as usual, to preach in a school. He's been doing lots and lots of new ones --new to him, that is--for the whole 5 months we've been in Cape Town. This was another new one.

He found the intersections easily and early as traffic was good. But there was no sign of a regular school, just a mosque. He asked a guy on the corner, who confidently told him that the school he wanted was right there, at the back of the mosque. Hmmm. This was an unusual situation.

First he called the school to confirm his appointment, and the lady agreed he was in the right place, and someone would open up for him soon. He told them he had a Christian message that would help the kids' behavior [if they repented], and they said they were not strictly a Muslim school; they had a few non-Muslims and it was all right for him to come.

Next, he called home to ask for prayer. I was in the shower and didn't hear the call, but got pretty fervant when I heard the news.

He went ahead and preached Two Ways which has a picture of Heaven on the right, with a cross and a narrow road leading to it, and Hell on the left with the broad way leading to it. He also gave out books and DVD's as he usually does. He noticed the teachers especially wanting Kent Hovind DVD's with his c reation vs. evolution message.

I get goosebumps thinking of all those books going out! It is good. God bless them! We don't know when another opportunity like this will come up, but this once was more then we thought would happen, so it can happen again!

Get this: they applauded for him THREE times when he was done!

Pause here and sing, "I stand amazed..."

A month ago he got to preach in a school of about 1200 kids where 60-70% were Muslim. "Thy will be done."


  1. Praise God. That is awesome the door He opened for you all.

  2. This sounds somewhat similar to a friend of ours in "west Africa" who had a most unusual and similar experience extraordinaire. We serve an extraordinare God !

  3. I am thrilled. Imagine that school allowing, wanting, Paul to come preach his clear, clear message of salvation and repentance. Praise His Almighty Name.