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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Connie from the Cabbage Patch

"What in the world is this green stuff?" wonders Connie.
"Ewww! It's cold!" I don't know how Anne Geddes does it, but the more I try to imitate her, the more I admire her photos.

Up close and personal, wearing a hand me down that my big cousin Evangel wore 15 years ago!

Joe is the number one ball handler in the WORLD! He can dribble 6 balls at once, and has the world record for dribbling the longest. He can spin them all over the place, but what to do with a newborn?!?!?

Baby Connie in all her glory! I wish I could control the order of these photos getting on here. I just think I've got it figured out, and here's Connie in the middle of 2 Joe's.

Joe gave us a demonstration right in our driveway! We're privileged folks. It was way cool.


  1. Hey, thanks for the darling pictures of Connie and Joe...
    You're doing a great job following in the footsteps of Anne G. Connie's so cute in her cabbage attire.
    I hope you survived the crisis ok...what was it?

  2. Too many crises to continue writing about the crises :-) SO I just deleted that part and will try again later, hopefully.