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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Connie Continues

Is Timothy trying to make a football enthusiast out of his new cousin?
The happy moment when Daniel meets baby sister with Gloria being greatly relieved that it was happy.

Babies have such special moments!


  1. Wow - that last pic is incredible! Where's that neat round window? Congrats to Gloria and hubby:)

  2. How did you get a photo of the baby from INSIDE of the dryer? :) Hannah just told me that it's probably Evangel's window. I was convinced it was the dryer. And that someone set a timer and placed the camera behind the baby...ho hum. Enough. It wasn't.
    E's dress looks darling on her.

  3. Yes, that round window is in Evangel's room. Notice the cracked effect. She stretched in bed, and the window cracked. How in the world to get that one fixed????
    Evangel's room is a converted stairwell. She has 3 little round windows in there.
    @ D'Arcy That dryer idea might be a good one!