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Monday, February 21, 2011

The little pink person

Actually, 2 pink people in this photo!Cousin Evangel is thrilled with our new little person.
Consuelo loves her own hand.

Gloria's soooo happy!

We snapped this one as they wheeled Gloria and Connie through the hallway. I just melted into tears at the sight of the little sweetie.
OK, for the ladies, I know you need the full, detailed story. Gloria was very uncomfortable during the night Saturday night, but didn't feel like it was labor. At breakfast I didn't think anything, til she said she had been sick. I insisted she go lie down, to see if the pains would stop. We had an early church, so I figured we'd be home early and we could help when we got home.
Well, our church may have started at 9:30, but it was an anniversary celebration, and went on for hours! We never got home til after 12:30, but, happily, when Paul saw that there were hundreds of people there, he sent me back home for extra books & DVD's. That interlude at home was providential!
While I was at home, I realized she must be in labor. I figured the first question the doctor would ask is, "How far apart are the contractions?" so Gloria started timing them. When I saw it was only 2 minutes between some of them, it became clear: it was time to go! James and Gloria headed off for Constantia to the hospital, while Tim and I had to go back to church, but I figured it would be about over since it was now 11:30.
Wrong! Paul had just been called up to preach. It was torture to sit still for that last half hour, but we made it. Danielito, James and Gloria's 2 year old, was with us now, and he did a good job of keeping quiet in church. I was sure glad we only had him for that last half hour. If he had been there for the first 2 hours of music and all, it would have been rough.
This church, by the way, was only about a 5 minute drive from our house. After the service was over it took over 1/2 hour to get cleaned up and distribute books and stuff. We dashed home, I slapped some chicken burgers in the fry pan while Evangel meticulously put a salad together. She's a perfectionist, even in a rush. We woofed our lunch way too fast, and Evangel and I dashed to the hospital with a chicken burger for James, leaving Timmy to joyfully (more or less) do the dishes.
At the hospital, we couldn't find them. I called James on his cell phone, but he didn't know where he was, but he said he was in scrubs and it was happening! We did find a nurse named June, who quickly became our friend! We gave her the video camera to take James. She was so nice, but she couldn't find the theater either! She had us laughing so hard. She put on her surgical scrub shoes, and walked right out of them. She kept dropping things. She put us to work pushing the incubator, but throughout all she kept up a cheerful chatter, and eventually we followed her to the operating room.
We had to wait outside, and a blond nurse kind of muscled us into a different waiting room. Undoubtedly she was more the efficient type, but not half so friendly.
I rather enjoyed that lull of waiting. My lunch settled down. I guess Evangel's did too, because she wanted to go down to the Coke machine, and the chocolate machine, and the jelly bean machine, and....finally June breezed by! She told us Gloria would be coming soon on a gurney, so we whipped our cameras out and waited. Evangel got that first picture above, while I was wiping my eyes!
James came through next, passing out tracts to all who had helped. We settled back into our waiting room for a few minutes, then James came out to get us so we could go visit. Gloria was so radiant! I think she wants a slew of visitors so all can see her beautiful daughter. She wanted us to come back in the evening to try a shoe picture, like we have of Evangel sitting in Paul's big shoe.
We did try, but as tiny as she is, she didn't fit in the boot we brought. We're going to try again with a proper high top basketball shoe like Evangel had.
James and Gloria are thrilled with how quickly this all went, and how much less tired they were then with Daniel 2 1/2 years ago when they did an all night attempt at labor and delivery, and then an emergency run across town to have a C-section. This one we just knew it had to be a C-section right from the beginning.
Connie weighs 3.1 kilos and looks like perfection! Her full name is Consuelo Katherine Young!
We hope she comes home on Tuesday, Washington's birthday, which was supposed to be her birthday too, til she took matters into her own hands. We thank our merciful Lord for her safe arrival, and for all the hyper joy that has come with her!


  1. Thank you for those details, Vicki. You know us ladies well. :) I'm so thankful that you're there for Gloria. Thank you for all you've done for that little family. I appreciate you and Paul and the kids. Isn't Evangel beautiful? Just like her mommy.
    God bless you all.

  2. Yes, thank you for the details! Felt like I was right there, too. Love the "joyfully (more or less)" line, haha! Congratulations to James and Gloria; the little person is adorable:)

  3. I so enjoyed reading all that. I'm sitting in the school computer lab trying not to cry. Please give Gloria a big hug from me and Jamus, too... and all of you, really. So glad it was a shorter, less exhausting birth.