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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Countdown to Connie: 9 Days to Go

We had a little Baby Shower for Gloria with the ladies from our ladies Bible study.
Bonny made the "cake" out of diapers while Evangel carved the watermelon in the shape of a cradle. Rice cakes were for those of us who were dieting, but we had cake too, so I'm not sure how much good those rice cakes did. Maybe it was a psychological goodness.
Church was interesting this morning. Our family got seated with the choir. We were the only ones not wearing white shirts and pink ties or scarves, so it was obvious we weren't in the choir, but our lack of familiarity with the service was probably obvious to all. We were a step behind on the sitting and standing, and we stuck out like sore thumbs, but they were such a nice group. Anyone that loves my husband that much, is a loveable bunch. One lady said that when Paul used the word "vagabond" it brought back childhood memories. She said that when her pastor said they were having someone named Small Paul in to preach, she didn't like it because she didn't know what some small kid could tell them. Now she knows!
He told the story of Cain and Abel and people flocked up afterward to schedule him in schools, request the picture, and to tell him how wonderful his preaching is. It was nice!
Back to the Connie topic, I recently downloaded a month of slow cooker/crock pot recipes from a website called Those recipes are going to be such a help when Gloria's in bed recuperating from her C-section. I love dumping it all in the pot while the kids are doing chores in the morning, and then it's done when we stop school for lunch. Gloria normally cooks lunch, and does lots of dishes and cleans the kitchen. We'll be scrambling to fill in for her.


  1. How fun! Wish I could see Gloria's belly better.. and to think, it's about to shrink! :D I'm so excited for little Connie to be in the world.

  2. Another post! I'm reading this after Connies appearanace, but it's still fun to read details...