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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Mrs. Ross dressed in purple is such a fun person. I put her testimony on here in December of 2009, and we've become good friends. I love to visit, and not just because she gives me millionaire bars. I should have put this on with the photo of Timothy on the slide in an earlier post, but that is where the kids went sledding in the mall.

We had an outing to the penguins and the Scratch Patch. See all the little rocks on the ground? They're semi precious stones you can collect...for a price.

Berdine and Michelle Frew visited us for a few days after the kids went to the Worldview Summit Camp. The 3 girls went up Table Mountain, while I had a peaceful, relaxing time waiting in the car. After awhile, I finished the work I had brought with me, and hopped over to a bench where I could see this beautiful view of Cape Town, marred only by this sign that makes a mom nervous when her daughter is tromping somewhere else on this same mountain.


  1. I so much enjoy your posts - makes me feel connected to the Lord's work there in South Africa and your pictures just make me smile and feel happy to be a part of your lives through your blog Thanks for taking the time to post when you can !! Sharon Malone