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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Here's a shot of our Timothy sledding in the mall snow! It's for real, just came out of a machine instead of out of the sky. Don't laugh at the boy for wearing shorts sledding, at least he was wearing shoes! A lot of the kids there took their shoes off at the beginning. Cherish tried that too when we went 5 years ago.

Yesterday was our big outreach at the Pavilion in Muizenberg. We woke up to thunder storms that morning, so our usual crowd was MUCH smaller this year, but still much bigger then other days of the week.

Paul preaches with his chalk board, while the rest of us pass out tracts and try to lead people to the Lord.

This morning at breakfast, we all compared notes on what happened yesterday. Evangel had the funniest story. She was walking with one of the Uys girls and they offered a tract to a lady who was loaded down with all her beach stuff, like a cooler, umbrella, towels etc. She wanted a booklet, but didn't have a free hand to accept it. The girls were perplexed, but not the lady. She told them to just stick it in her cleavage! That was definitely a first in passing out tracts. I'm glad it was the girls and not the boys.

Today we celebrated the end of THE GREAT INTERNET CRISIS! 10 days without Internet access felt way too long for us, and we're very thankful to be back on line. I'm taking a little bit of my joy out on this blog! And the rest goes to writing the prayer letter which I need to send.

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