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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Church in Khayelitcha was rough today. The pastor's son was shot and killed this morning, at 2 a.m. for his cell phone.

It's not every day we go into Khayelitcha, and I sort of wished I had our camera, but I never want to look like a tourist when we're doing ministry--we sort of stick out like sore thumbs enough. If I had had our camera, I would have been chasing little kids around with it, trying to capture their eyelashes. I love curly eyelashes! Sweetness personified.

In the absence of Khayelitcha pictures, I'll dig deep into the archives of this past month to find something interesting to my hordes of readers.

We went to see Christmas lights in December. My friend Margie organizes us into masses of walkers, though this year I was a roller, in a wheelchair. The kids loved pushing me on the downhills, but Paul got the tough, up-hill stuff, poor guy.
We didn't decorate the whole house, by any means, but we made the corner by the fireplace look respectably Chrismasy.

Devine came to stay with us over Christmas and for a week. She and Evangel loved trying out Evangel's new donut maker. It's so cool. It works like a waffle maker. You put a tablespoon of batter into each donut mold, press down, and voila! 7 mini donuts! Just what I needed. The rule is: no donut maker unless we have company to eat them up. No wonder we have so many people over.

Dad & Mom, Evangel is wearing the dress you gave her, and Josh is playing with the Legos you gave him for Christmas!

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