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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

There's the nose! Evangel had quite an accident. If Paul and I sprout a ton of new grey hairs, it may be related to this one. She was rollerblading with Berwick, our German shepherd, and Josh, and her feet crossed. She did a nose dive onto the pavement. Paul picked her up out of the puddle of blood, and escorted her home so I could be traumatized too. There was a LOT of blood, covering her whole face, neck, and hands, not to mention her clothes, and on Paul, too.

We dashed off to the doctor's, and from there to ER. The bone was broken, but it would heal fine, we were told. Everyone said, "I could stitch it up, but you really need a plastic surgeon to stitch that up." So we went to a plastic surgeon, and he put 18 tiny little stitches in the bridge of her nose.
I like more mudane days like when Joshua finds creative uses for polymer clay, while Daniel looks on admiringly.

Evangel went on a cooking binge, experimenting with our newly sprouted lentils. Josh was her chief helper, and Berwick a very attentive audience.

Results were delicious.

I just had a funny call, but sweet and encouraging.l. A lady called and when I asked, "Can I help you?" she said, "No, man, I want you to pray for me." She has been reading Paul's book, Answers to Prayer and she and her husband are both out of work, and want to be hired in law enforcement. She's not only praying, she's going to the Union.

Yesterday a lady called who I had met last December when Paul preached in Rondebosch. She was telling me that her Muslim stepdaughter had heard Paul preach in Mitchell's Plain and was very enthusiastic about it, and was considering what it would mean if she were to become a Christian. How nice to get a glimpse into the on-going effects of Paul's preaching since we don't see much of what happens after he's there.

I wish I had taken pictures yesterday! The phone calls wouldn't be much to see, but the company was beautiful! We had the Johannekans, as we affectionately call our friends Dion and Johanneke, over, so that we could meet Johanneke's sister Miryam and her fiancé Mattais. We celebrated Thanksgiving with them. Gloria outdid herself in the cooking department. She whipped out the meal for 15 people, complete with a stuffed turkey, potatoes & gravy, sweet potatoe casserole, greens donated by our friends the Becketts, green beans, and pumpkin pie. The Johannekans brought all the drinks. Both of our families particularly enjoy juice spiked with Sprite or something similar. What a feast!

Then we did a little Thanksgiving skit before we split up by boys, girls, engaged couple, and married couples. Boys swam, girls did crafts, engaged couple took a romantic walk, and the married couples hashed out some theological problems. It was a precious, relaxed day with like-minded people. Praise the Lord for friends and time to be with them.
Tonight we're going out to share a Thanksgiving dinner with the Hammond family and others at Frontline Fellowship in Rondebosch. At home we spent awhile reminding ourselves of all we have to be thankful for.


  1. Your posts are rip-roaring fun! AND heartwarming - I'll keep the muslim girl in my prayers. Happy Thanksgiving to you, Paul, and your lovely quiver-full!

  2. Mom and I just read you post out loud and she was "really encouraged." My favorite part is about the muslim girl, too. That's WONDERFUL. Hello to the family and thank you for posting pictures, too!

    much love.