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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Check out the little dude!

It doesn't get much cuter then this! Daniel and I have a new little routine. We go through my make-up bag together. He stops here to admire the beet juice around his mouth, and the lip marks on his head. The women around here can't resist him.

Evangel got ahold of him next, and transformed his conservative cut, to something a bit more African/wild.
What a coy guy.

Joshua got ahold of my crutches and boot. In fact, he even got the right look on his face! I think that's my "longsuffering" look.

Next comes a flashback to my first cast. It wasn't removable like the boot. The kids decorated it a few days before I had it off, and I put my favorite card (kitten in cast) between my toes to make this precious memory.

I'll be glad when all casts and boots are just a "precious" memory, but I have high hopes of growing in grace and patience and being more like Jesus when this is over.

And one last murky glimpse of the new family fish tank. We all like it, but watching the 2 year olds around here watch fish, makes it well worth our while to keep a tank. Maybe I can have a better picture next time. Maybe I'll even catch a glimpse of Curly, the eel.


  1. hi vicky! So glad that you are on the mend again. Thanks for the pics. I enjoyed the "long-suffering" look:)