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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Our Funny Kids

Evangel's really growing up! She turned 15 this month, and has started babysitting. She made me laugh the first time she babysat at night. She called home and said, "Mom I'm so creeped out." The father of the baby showed her around. He showed her where the panic button was, to call a Security Company, and then took her to the silverware drawer, and showed her the steak knives. He told her those were to use if the security company didn't get there in time.

Yep, she was freaked out. The baby was already asleep, so the house was very quiet. She kept checking to make sure the baby was breathing, and she checked out which knife was the sharpest. When she got home around 9:30, she burst in the door looking radient, "I survived!" she let us know immediately.

I'm pleased with her. In spite of how scary it is, she's thrilled with the job. The 2nd time she borrowed Danielito's monitor, and put it right by the baby's nose so she'd know if the baby stopped breathing.

On Thursdays, she has a craft class with the daughters of the ladies who come to our Ladies Bible study. Last Thursday, for various reasons, she had no little girls the right age, so she ended up with these 3 clowns Josh, Tim's special buddy Oliver, and Timothy.

She let them make chocolate cakes in the microwave. There was a lot of teasing going on, but I think all four of them enjoyed themselves.

Timothy is almost 13, so he and Paul joined 2 other father/son teams for a special weekend in the wild. I stayed home and painted our bedroom, and wondered how our guys were doing. No need to worry, they had a wonderful time.

Joshua (9) and Danielito (2) are buddies. They had a jubilant reunion at the airport when we got back in September. Daniel calls Josh, "Daddy." Daniel hasn't quite got all the languages he hears sorted out, but we think this little mistake is so cute.

We found out yesterday that Daniel's expected sibling looks to be a girl! I think he's going to be a protective big brother.


  1. oh my gosh I laughed so hard reading this!! Leave it to Andy to creep sweet Evangel out! I do have to say we noticed the steak knives sitting out when we got home that night!
    She is doing such a great job and we have such confidence leaving Norah with her. I'm sure they will keep having lots of fun together. I am already referring my friends to Evangel, so she may get more business here soon!

  2. Hallow the Youngs,
    It is so amaizing to see this your beautiful blog here....has blessed my heart:-) It's wonderful how God has continued using you and also provinding for you in his reaches in glory while in His service. Am glad to see your Quickly grown children expecially Evangel and Tim the ones you had when you taught at Mulango Bible Institute (Kitui-Kenya) where I studied theology then. May the grace of God be always sufficient to you all.
    Keeping you in my prayers,
    Rose Kaindi (