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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Meditations`@ 4 AM

4 AM WIDE awake and such creative thoughts coursing through my brain--or maybe it's the codeine in my pain killer

Maybe in the light of day, I'll have nothing for our blog, but I was lying in bed, twitching, turning, aching a bit, and decided it would be better for Paul's sake to hobble out to the living room for some devotions. I got a bonus! The laptop was left on the couch, so here I am.

The Lord has ordained that my 2 weeks in bed not be too boring. The last 3 days have had such surprises, surprises of the heart wrenching nature, that I certainly cannot say I'm bored. So I'm lying on the living room floor, with my foot propped on the purple exercise ball that has become a favorite piece of furniture around here, and will give you a glimpse into some of the things that take my mind from my troubles.

Three days ago in the evening, a runaway called to find out if she could stay with us. We have known her for almost 9 years and, yes, we wanted her to come! But were also concerned about the legalities. So Paul and Gloria went to fetch her (nice SA way to say it). We had her for the next 24 hours, until the police and her foster parents came to fetch her (That fetching wasn't nice --- many tears shed that night.)

Yesterday I chased her social worker around on the phone, and was so pleased when I caught her. She was so nice! She says she is interested in setting up visiting rights for us, so that we can have her on weekends, and that gives hope she will not run away again so we're trying for that.

Obviously, this whole thing gave me a lot to think/pray about, but there's so much more. There's the usual stuff going on, Paul and his sister Grace having several meetings, our 3 kids having homeschool, plus at the moment they're grasping at all the outside classes they can squeeze in, and all the visiting they can manage. The cars needed servicing, the bills need to be paid, book & DVD orders need to be filled, new DVD's are being made all the time, along with eating, sleeping and exercising that have to be squeezed in. And then there is the unusual.

I called a missionary friend, also homeschoolers, with a homeschool question, to find she has cancer, and has had since June! How did we get so out of touch?!?! I felt like a crumb.

Later, I called another missionary friend to see if they were back from the States, and she had had a malignant growth too, and had the same operation!

Just as I got off the phone with her, a friend from our Ladies' Bible study came to visit (her little girls are fascinated with my mega-foot) and she told us that another Bible study friend had had a miscarriage. Ouch! I know how much she wanted this baby, and I'm grieving for her.

Our string of bad news got a little break here when Gloria came in with the news she is having a baby GIRL!!! Yippee! Gloria was leaning towards wanting a boy so Danielito could have a brother, but I'm thrilled with a little pink person to dress. And I know Gloria will love this little person anyway.

Then I got an email that my Peruvian missionary friend Nancy's Mom has had a mini stroke. I found out in the morning that my Dad has to have a Defibrillator put in, so I know how Nancy feels to have this stuff happen when you're far away. The difference is that I'm confident that my Dad is saved.

O, Lord, here's my list of hurting friends. I'd like them all healed or put into wonderful homes or saved immediately as I'm told at least one of them is not saved. I know You not only want their best, You know what is best so I ask that Your will be done in each situation. Please show me my part. I want to take action! Send a meal! Adopt! Introduce the 2 hurting missionary wives! Send a book to the miscarriage Mom. But everything I do involves someone else doing the leg work right now, since my foot is in the air.

I'll end by singing one of my most sung prayers, "Guide Me, Oh Thou Great Jehovah"...


  1. Vicki - I love reading your posts and getting a glimpse into your heart and family... Thank you for sharing your thoughts - I know that I have similar ones myself, and each day have to ask Our Father to give me this day my daily bread - so that I know what to do with my day and its best use. I pray that your healing is being perfected. I have been praying about Grace's losses and that the Lord would be glorified through the situation. Love and Prayers !

  2. Thanks, Sharon. I'm sure having a lot of time to blog, but not doing much myself. I think my brain is starting to atrophy :-)